Twenty Thirty Dream Hub will be a center for 20-somethings and 30-somethings in the Jamaica, Queens area to be empowered in their careers and pursuits. Located in the basement of First Presbyterian Church in Jamaica. First Presbyterian Church in Jamaica has a long history of embodying Christ in our community. We run a soup kitchen and food pantry, and we are building the Tree of Life Center, which will bring 174 affordable housing units and a community center.

We will be “locally grown” – as other corporate entities come in, and as gentrification happens, we will be seen as supportive of local people and the local community, making entrepreneurship and work space skill-sets more accessible in our neighborhood. We would be one of the few co-working spaces in the neighborhood, and the only one focused specifically on young adult entrepreneurs and innovators. We will be seen as community-oriented and soul-lifting – we empower people to dream bigger than themselves, to find meaning and purpose.

The centerpiece will be a co-working space specifically for young adults entrepreneurs and innovators making entrepreneurship more accessible in Jamaica & Southeast Queens.  

Along with the co-working space we will offer free Adulting 101 Workshops. Adulting is better when you adult together. We will offer workshops on topics such as financial literacy, small business development, setting goals, and other essential life skills.

We want this to be more than a program – this is a movement to empower the young adults of Southeast Queens.