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Our Mission:


To provide a space for Millennial’s to be empowered in their dreams & pursuits, through collaboration, mentor-ship, and opportunity.


Co-Working Space & Empowerment Hub

Launching in Fall 2019, The Twenty Thirty Dream Hub is a center for 20 and 30-something entrepreneurs and working professionals. Geared toward those in Jamaica and Southeast Queens, The Dream Hub is ideal for those in need of a space where young adults work together, learn together, and build their businesses.

This co-working space will be affordable, comfortable, and safe. Not only is this a space to adult together we provide workshops such as financial literacy, goal setting, and other life skills workshops. We also have some fun professional events, game nights, and brunches. We want all to be empowered in their careers and pursuits.

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What We Offer



Every third or fourth Sunday of the month we offer a FREE brunch where we discuss life , current events, religion, and trending (or hot) topics or just chill and vibe. Join us for our next brunch or sign up to receive information on upcoming brunches!

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Record your podcast in our modern and comfortable recording space, where you get professional equipment and sound quality. More Information Coming soon!

Adulting 101


Thinking You Need to Have It All Figured Out Is The Biggest Lie You Can Tell Yourself. We understand that adulting is tough and we can all use support. Our free “Adulting 101” workshops will equip young people with what they need to follow their dreams, achieve their goals and adult a little easier! We want young adults to see us as the go to spot for empowerment and life skills!


Event Space rental


We understand how hard it is a creative and entrepenuer to reserve an affordable space for events like pop up shops, poetry readings, launch events, and more. More Information Coming soon!


Join the Movement

Entrepreneurs, Millennial’s, Creatives, and business professionals, Lets come together and be empowered. SOmething somehting somehting something.


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Brunches, Game Nights, Adulting 101 Classes, and much more. Stay up to date and check out our social media.

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